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Requirements for External Designers

1. Responsibilities:

  • Design and production in art according to project equirements;
  • Data organization of excellent cases, technology and resources;
  • Schedule-making with Project Managers.

2. Works:

  • 50%Annual R&D Planning of New Products:
  • The designer is supposed to plan, promote and implement the design and development of new products to get technology renewal and annual R&D planning of new products for the company according to the annual R&D and improvement plans of the technology center.
  • 10%Market Research, Data Gathering and Determining the product colors, materials and craftï¼›
  • 20%Determining the exhibition design and decorations; be responsible for the layout, decoration and site coordination;
  • 15%In charge of layout design for sample rooms, setting and decorating;
  • 5%Accomplish the task assigned by superiors.

3. Requirements:

  • Major in Art, Graphic Design or Advertising; college degree or above; above 28
  • Related working experience (in Arts & Crafts Gift) for more than 5 years; good hand-drawing abilities are preferred;
  • Strong art knowledge, good color control and rich imagination;
  • Active, hardworking; innovative and cooperative;
  • Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork, good communication skills;
  • Creative, decisive, responsible and expressive;
  • Familiar with computer graphic software.