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Executive Team

Songhe Wang

Chairman and CEO of HengTai

Wang Songhe, born in 1971, is the president of Zhejiang HengTai Crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Hengtai Arts & Crafts Gift Co., Ltd. Wang keeps pace with the times, dares to blaze new trails and pursue the perfection with great dedication. Under his guidance, Hengtai has gone through 18 years of hard work to become now a mature "youngster".

Zhejiang HengTai Crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a place full of dreams, and here gathers a group of energetic and creative individuals.

Each employee makes every possible effort to make contributions for the company and builds their own pyramid with wisdom.

Our manufactory not only adopts assembly line, but also has every employee cooperate with each other. In this way we can bring every field into full play and make our products more profitable.

In this most powerful integrated team, all members of different fields assume their duties carefully and thoughtfully. A smooth running of the team ensures the stability of the whole structure. The company has already set up Sales Center, Overseas Business Division, Domestic Branch Office, Customer Care, Product Supply Center, Production Plant, Administration Center and Finance Department. Here, everyone is given the opportunity to get their potentials into full play and create their own wonders.

In the past, we have ever been excited and happy about our transcendence time after time, and we also have learned lessons through trial and challenge. In the coming future, we will continue serving Hengtai with whole heart, and make Zhejiang HengTai Crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. be the pride of us all.